Blind feat. Relic

by NewBreedMC feat. Relic

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Blind was produced by SeAn Prominent in the Red Room and written by NewBreedMC for NewBreedMC Music.


I've been Blind but now I see
The signs and times.
God come walk with me.
Here we are, I got it in my sight.
I seen it all from dawn until the twilight.

No hatred peace is so sacred so when these niggas talk shit I don't say shit.
I'm so ancient time is my spaceship, I was there with Adam and Eve but butt naked.
Im up late kid, battling frustration so when the devil steps up I must face him.
I must make it determined and dedicated I meditated for 24 hours with out waking.
I lust greatness trust I must make it bang like house parties beating vents in the basement.
No furnace NewBreed still burning that flame, No pilot pyro inferno.
The weed burns slow ganja makes the world go round I drop jewels you can put them where your perm goes.
I'm so thorough green hooded thermal top 10 keeps it poppin' no kernal.


Im so gangster float with no anchor so when a hater try to try me I say thank ya.
Theres no mantra silence sheds the anger I smoke cancer to this day with no answer - why?
Its no secret the show must proceed shit aint nobody stopping me know I won't cede shit.
I'm conceited arrogant vain believe it, the yes men yes but no I don't need it.
My flows feverish, hot I'm flame breathing, no dragon they say I'm braggin the game needs it.
I'm so weeded the dosage is most decent got my lips on double d's no cleavage.
I get tipsy balance drinks to fix me, at the bar with loners Elanor Rigby.
No beatles prequels no sequels, I'm the one the only NewBreed no equals.


I feel brand new let the blood brand you. I believe I can do all that I plan to.
So I can't loose blind faith I can't prove spread word T.Dot to Cathmandu.
I'm so global known to be noble make moves get motivated no mobile.
No car no PC no phone too, if you don't believe what I say then I'll show you.
I'm so gifted you should bare witness, I paint pictures of hope and share scriptures.
You cant miss it the message is encrypted the blind shall see each eye shall have vision.
And my mission is get into where I fit in. To multiply we add and subtract No division.
We're one people let the son teach you.
Shed light no darkness let the sun seep through


released May 24, 2011



all rights reserved


NewBreedMC Toronto, Ontario

NewBreedMC ~ This Side of Power EP (Produced by Relic)

Toronto artist NewBreedMC teams up with Producer RELIC to bring you "This Side of Power". This is NewBreedMC's follow up project to a very successful mix tape release - "Your Mom Like My Mixtape". The EP is blessed with some of Toronto's most incredible artists and delivers true power on each cut. ... more

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